F10 Skin Prep Solution (5L)


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F10® Skin Prep Solution is ready-to-use disinfectant for skin. It is a broad spectrum pre and post operative surgical spray. The fast acting formula destroys micro-organisms and prevents spread of infection. The high level of disinfectant, F10 Skin Prep is a quick drying formula and does not irritate skin. The liquid disinfectant is highly beneficial in preventing post surgical infections. The non-staining formula is easy to use and the bright colour makes it easy to identify. Developed with non-irritating formula, F10 Skin Prep can be used on sensitive areas such as scrotum.


QAC and biguanide 0,05%

Ampholytic surfactants and sequesterants
Alcohol 20%

Water to balance



A topical application spot treatment spray for wounds as an antiseptic and barrier to re-infection and to repel flies and eliminate infestation due to fly strike.



In wide ranging field trials covering a wide variety of animal, bird and reptile species the product has demonstrated good healing and antimicrobial action while at the same time was shown to be effective against a variety of insects. Long residual effectiveness was also demonstrated across the disinfecting and insecticidal spectrums. The product is water soluble and can be rinsed clear with water.


Dosage and Directions for use

For F10SC VETERINARY DISINFECTANTS clear away debris and rinse surfaces, then apply as below :

  • Environmental general disinfection dilute 1:500 (2 ml / l water)
  • High level disinfection (including fungal spores) dilute 1:250 (4 ml / l water)
  • Resistant viruses and bacterial spores dilute 1:100 (10 ml / l water)
  • Sterilisation of instruments/equipment dilute 1:100 (10 ml / l water)

Additional information is available in application user guidelines. For other products refer to each specific product label.



Ingestion: DO NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to drink.

Eye contact: Rinse eyes with water, seek medical advice if necessary.



Do not mix with other chemicals.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and pets.