F10 Aerosol Fogger


F10 Aerosol Fogger is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

Please note we cannot ship this product outside Australia

F10 single use canister for complete room disinfection (approx 30 cubic metres). Easily place the canister in the room and activate the fogger for quick, easy and effective disinfection.


The F10 will be expelled and dissipate throughout the room within 10 minutes, efficiently disinfecting walls, surfaces, ceilings and hard to reach areas of the room. Use as part of regular or seasonal cleaning programs, or to thoroughly disinfect an entire room following a potentially infectious outbreak.

F10 Aerosol Fogger has no adverse side effects on people or animals its ecologically friendly and biodegradable. When using the Fogger it will be more comfortable for all animals and humans to be removed from the room. F10 will be expelled and dissipate throughout the room in 10 minutes effectively disinfecting walls, ceiling and hard to get at places.