F10 2-IN-1 Hand Cream (250ml)


F10 2-IN-1 Hand Cream (250ml) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

F10 2-in- 1 Hand Cream has been formulated for healthcare or veterinary care workers who are at high exposure to requent hand washing and dry hands.

This gentle 2-in-1 Formula contains restorative moisturisers as well as a hand sanitiser with the active ingredinets of F10 Disinfectant to rapidly kills all pathogens.

F10 2- in- 1 hand cream will help to improve the skin's natural suppleness and moisture without a greasy or slippery residue.

Product features:

  • Quickly absorbed leaving hands dry, clean and soft.
  • Kills over 99% of bacteria including Staph, E.Coli, Pseudomonas sp) within 10 minutes of application.
  • Available in a 250ml pump bottle.

This product is not recommended to replace the use of a broad spectrum antiseptic liquid soaps which should still be used for cleaning of dirty hands