Eheim Hose (1m / 9/12mm)

Brand: Eheim

EHEIM quality hoses are available in various sizes and lengths. The range includes all diameters used in fishkeeping. The material is phenol free, flexible and guarantees a safe connection. EHEIM shut-off taps, hose connectors and other hose accessories offer a wide variety of 

Practical uses.

Air line  Ø  4/6 mm;  3m, 100 m roll 

Water hose     Ø  9/12 mm 3 m, 70 m roll

Ø 12/16 mm 3 m, 50 m roll

Ø 16/22 mm 3 m, 30 m roll

Ø 19/27 mm

Ø 25/34 mm