DR. TANK Potassium Tabs (50T)


Potassium (K) is extremely important and easily depleted in a planted tank. In the growth stage, rate of plant growth is evident with a higher content of K. In the maturing stage, K is helpful in color development.

※In growth stage and maturing stage K are needed


Tabs are to be dosed directly, please refer to the dosing table. For growth rate enhancement, use with Nutrient Nitrogen(N) and Nutrient Phosphorus(P). For color development, use with Nutrient Iron(Fe).

tank(cm)/litres(L)          dose

<50cm                          1Tab/bi-weekly

50x30x30cm(45L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x30x36cm(65L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x40x40cm(96L)        2Tabs/weekly

80x40x40cm(128L)      3Tabs/weekly

90x45x45cm(182L)      4Tabs/weekly

120x50x50cm(300L)    6Tabs/weekly