DR. TANK Nutrient Tabs (50T)

Brand: DR TANK

Aquatic plants absorb nutrients through leaves and to propagate.Regular supply of nutrients will keep the plants healthy and counter the growth of algae.


Tabs are to be dosed directly, please refer to the dosing table. Nutrient tabs can be used with other products as needed. For tank without CO2 supply, apply half the dosage. Do not supply to aquarium without lighting.

tank(cm)/litres(L)          dose

<50cm                          1Tab/bi-weekly

50x30x30cm(45L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x30x36cm(65L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x40x40cm(96L)        2Tabs/weekly

80x40x40cm(128L)      3Tabs/weekly

90x45x45cm(182L)      4Tabs/weekly

120x50x50cm(300L)    6Tabs/weekly