DR. TANK Iron Tabs (50T)

Brand: DR TANK

Iron(Fe) is highly related to the color performance of aquatic plants. During iron deficiency, new leaves will lose their colour, even yellowing. To achieve a strong color, reduce Nitrogen(N) and Phosphorus (P) (slow growth rate) and increase Potassium(K) (Improve photo-synthesis) to obtain the best color performance.


Tabs are to be dosed directly, please refer to the dosing table. For best color development, use with Nutrient Potassium(K). If deficiency symptoms (chlorosis/yellowing) appeared, double the dosage until the new leaves return to normal.

tank(cm)/litres(L)          dose

<50cm                          1Tab/bi-weekly

50x30x30cm(45L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x30x36cm(65L)        1Tabs/weekly

60x40x40cm(96L)        2Tabs/weekly

80x40x40cm(128L)      3Tabs/weekly

90x45x45cm(182L)      4Tabs/weekly

120x50x50cm(300L)    6Tabs/weekly