DR. TANK Blue Green Algae ZERO (50T)

Brand: DR TANK

BGA (blue green algae), also known as Cyanophyta,  which is extensive and highly visible blooms with the appearance of blue-green colour and is toxic.

The tabs will decompose the BGA and then the BGA will be separated from gravel/soil/plants and kept to be decomposed w/ 3days.


tank(cm)/litres(L)      allowable dose

30x18x20cm(11L)            5Tabs

40x23x25cm(23L)           10Tabs

45x28x30cm(38L)           20Tabs

50x30x30cm(45L)           25Tabs

60x30x36cm(65L)           30Tabs

60x40x40cm(96L)           50Tabs