DOOA Water Softener

Brand: DOOA


  • Shaker for easy preparation of tap water
  • Including 2x Paluda Clean PC
  • Obtaining soft water for watering
  • Original accessory from DOOA

The DOOA Water Softener is a container in which tap water can be treated to obtain very soft water. The softening works via an included cation exchange resin. The resulting water is ideal to pour into the Glass Pot SHIZUKU or to spray the plants in small paludariums. Thanks to the use of the DOOA Water Softener, unwanted and visually disturbing lime spots on glass surfaces are history.

  • Container for tap water treatment
  • Includes 2 packs of Paluda Clean PC
  • Original accessory from DOOA
  • Lower the hardness of the water
  • Use of soft water for watering reliably reduces lime scale on glass surfaces

To obtain soft water with a hardness of less than 10 mg/l, one pack of Paluda Clean PC is placed in the Water Softener container. Then, it is filled with 500 ml of tap water and shaken for about 2 minutes. The capacity of the Paluda Clean PC may vary depending on the initial hardness of the tap water. Assuming a tap water hardness of 100 mg/l, one pack of Paluda Clean PC is sufficient to obtain approximately 50 liters of soft water.