DOOA Terra Plate & Terra Hook (Exclude plants)

Brand: DOOA

Enjoy epiphytic orchids easily

Terra Plate is released from DOOA to enjoy growing epiphytic orchids easily. It is a ceramic plate made of the same material as Terra Base. Because of the high absorbency, it is suitable for growing epiphytic orchids and air plants.
The basic usage of Terra Plate is to attach epiphytic orchids with a small amount of moss using Terra Line and hook it on an aquarium tank (Terra Plate Hook ideal for hooking the Terra Plate on Neo Glass Air is released simultaneously). By soaking the whole Terra Plate in water about once a week for daily maintenance, roots of the epiphytic orchids start spreading out on the Terra Plate as time goes by.
Please enjoy epiphytic orchids easily with the Terra Plate as interior decorations.

The Terra Plate by DOOA is an innovative way to include plant elements on the ground or the back of your Wabikusa. It also has the brushed ceramic texture that is similar to the DOOA Terra Base, which makes it easy for decorative epiphytes to stick. Small orchids, Anubias or Bucephalandras find growing conditions here similar to those on tree trunks in the rainforest. The reason for this lies in the Terra Plate's excellent absorption characteristics, which provide optimal moisture control. The back is slightly concave to guarantee air permeability when the Terra Plate is lying on the ground. The ceramic plate can be hung up with the additionally available Terra Plate Hook.

With the Terra Plate Hook by DOOA it is possible to hang the planted DOOA Terra Plate easily on the aquarium glass. This gives the aquarium an additional eye-catcher, which can significantly enhance the existing aquascape. Clear in design, the hook is made of stainless steel and is extremely easy to use.