DOOA System Paluda (C plug w/out USB Power Adaptor)




  • Small jungle for the living room
  • Paludarium with many design possibilities (sample arrangement see photo)
  • Integrated fog system
  • complete set without light and plants
  • High-quality workmanship

    The System Paluda from DOOA is a high-quality manufactured Paludarium complete set with integrated pump and mist system. The attractive design and built-in technology provide the possibility to recreate a small piece of jungle in your own living room.

    The front doors of the terrarium can be opened widely to allow easy planting and effortless maintenance of the home rainforest biotope. Mosses and plants can be attached to the Wabi-Kusa mats supplied, which are then attached to the grid pins of the Mistflow box. This creates a beautiful plant wall on a black background. Since the Mistflow box is not fixed permanently in the terrarium, it can also be removed from the tank for a possible later redesign.

    The Mistflow generates mist from the water out of the Mistflow tank. A circulation pump keeps the water in the tank at a constant level. The Circulation Fan 40 furthermore creates a suitable air flow. Depending on the installation direction of the fan, both suction or exhaust can be performed. The wafts of mist are thus distributed throughout the paludarium and the plants of the wall section are humidified evenly. Excess water can be drained from the tank with a highly absorbent sponge. This creates ideal conditions for tropical rainforest plants in the terrarium, especially with epiphytic plants such as some orchid species.

    With the separately available RGB LED Paluda Light the characteristic blue tones of tropical plants as well as the bright colors of orchids are reproduced particularly well.


    • Paludarium complete set (without light and plants)
    • Small jungle for the living room
    • Integrated pump and fog system
    • High-quality workmanship
    • RGB LED Paluda Light separately available
    • Very decorative
    • Easy maintenance


    Scope of Delivery

    • Aquarium tank
    • Mistflow box
    • Wabi Kusa mat (x9 in System 30 / 18x in System 60)
    • Water circulation pump (3 l/min, USB port Type-A)
    • USB power adapter Type A
    • Pump stand
    • Outflow pipe
    • Noise reduction sponge 2x
    • High absorbent sponge (1x in System 30, 2x in System 60)
    • Paluda clean PC
    • Sliding glass top
    • Top glass plate
    • Stainless steel mesh cover
    • Hole cap Ø40 x 2 mm
    • Drainage piece
    • Mistflow (Plug Type C)
    • Mistflow Cap
    • Circulation Fan 40
    • Cascade brush

    Lights and Plants are not included in the scope of delivery.


    DOOA System Paluda 30
    Width 300 mm
    Depth 300 mm
    Height 450 mm
    DOOA System Paluda 60
    Width 600 mm
    Depth 300 mm
    Height 450 mm