DOOA MistFlow

Brand: DOOA
  • Designed for use with the TERRA 30 system
  • Humidifies mosses and aquatic plants
  • Tools and spare parts included

The DOOA MISTFLOW: beautiful, humidifying mist for your Wabi-Kusa Wall System.

The DOOA MISTFLOW is designed for use with the TERRA 30 system. A superfine mist, generated by ultrasonic waves, falls down from TERRA 30's cascade system to its wall section, and adequately humidifies mosses and aquatic plants growing on Wabi-Kusa mats.This results in a beautiful, almost mystical look, reminiscent of foggy landscapes at dawn and, in addition to the obvious positive effect on the mosses and water plants, gives your layout that "certain something". A dedicated glass cover is available separately to direct airflow evenly over the wall section.


Diameter 37 mm
Height 25 mm



DOOA Mistflow Cap

  • Accessory for the DOOA Mistflow
  • Prevents water from splashing

The Mistflow Cap is the ideal addition to the DOOA Mistflow. When the wonderful steam is generated, water splashes are released upwards from the Mistflow, which are stopped by the Mistflow Cap.

The Mistflow Cap is not compatible with the Mizukusa Mist Wall products.


DOOA Mistflow Replacement Vibration Plate

  • Original spare part from DOOA
  • Essential element of DOOA MISTFLOW
  • Initiates very fine mist
The vibration plate is an original spare part of high DOOA quality. It is an essential part of DOOA MISTFLOW, because the vibration plate creates the particularly gentle, mystical fog. This ensures the moistening of mosses and aquatic plants growing on Wabi-Kusa mats.


  • Original replacement in usual good quality from DOOA
  • Important component of DOOA MISTFLOW
  • Ensures the finest mist in the TERRA 30 system