DOOA Circulation Fan 4.


DOOA Circulation Fan 4. is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

  • Accessory for the System Paluda series
  • Ensures good air circulation
  • DOOA Quality from ADA

The Circulation Fan 40 from DOOA is a small ventilation fan for installation in aquariums of the System paluda series as well as the Neo Glass Paluda. The circulation fan ensures the desired air circulation and ventilation in the Paludarium.

Sufficient air circulation and an adequate gas exchange are important conditions for optimal growth for all land plants. In the case of tropical sit-on plants such as epiphytic orchids, care should also be taken to avoid stagnant moisture due to condensation from the air, also prevented by good ventilation. The Circulation Fan 40 has been developed to create optimum growing conditions for these plants.

The small device with a diameter of only 45 mm is installed on the side of the aquarium glass. The air flow can be adjusted in three stages. Depending on the direction of installation, air is extracted from the aquarium or fresh air is blown in. If the Circulation Fan is operated together with a Mistflow nebuliser in the aquarium tank, a mist-covered and humid atmosphere is created, similar to a tropical cloud forest. With the help of the fan, the air flow and humidity in the tank can be regulated as desired, thus allowing any natural ecosystem of tropical plants to be reproduced realistically in the paludarium.


  • Air circulators for aquariums of the System Paluda series
  • Creates sufficient air circulation
  • Air intake or exhaust function
  • With USB connection (type A), without USB adapter
  • Sprashproof and suitable for humid environments
  • Combinable with the DOOA Mistflow