DOOA Aqua Scissors

Brand: DOOA
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Matt surface
  • Curved blades

The DOOA Aqua Scissors are designed for the cutting of plants before or after planting. Due to the long cut surface and curved design, the scissors are especially suitable for cutting plants that have reached the water surface. Also, the scissors make it possible to cut many plants at the same time, which results in a reduction of the time it takes to care for the aquarium.

The scissors have a comfortable size which makes it easy to work in small as well as large aquariums.

The DOOA logo is applied tastefully and unobstrusively on the scissors.

DOOA - Aqua Scissors - S
Length 17,5 cm
Length of blades 103 mm
DOOA - Aqua Scissors - M
Length 23 cm
Length of blades 100 mm