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Dionaea muscipula ‘Typical Form’ (Venus Fly Trap)

Brand: GCS

Venus flytrap care guide:

-Sunlight: partial sun (receive 4-5 hours direct sunlight or grow it under 50% shade net if your place receive direct sunlight for the whole day)

-Watering: use water tray method. Water level in the tray around 1 inch. Tap water can be used.

- Don't apply fertilizer. Feeding is not necessary. It will traps its prey by itself. And if you want to feed the plant, only feed 1 trap for every 1-2 weeks. The size of the prey must be smaller than half the size of the trap.

- Don't always trigger the trap to snap shut. It will die if you do this often. #The traps may snap shut during shipping. They will re-open within 3 days.