DENNERLE Scaper's Green (500ml)


Optimum combination of active ingredients for sophisticated plant aquariums

• With all the important nutrients and trace elements
• With long-lasting effects thanks to multiple stabilised nutrients
• For rich, green leaves and intense, brilliant colours

Scaper's Green is a real high-performance fertiliser and has been developed especially for aquascaping aquariums and sophisticated plant aquariums, i.e. aquariums with high nutrient requirements due to:
• dense planting
• many fast-growing species
• high light levels (> 1 watt per litre of aquarium water)
• CO2-fertilisation
• 30-50% partial water change per week
• few fish, if any, but rather shrimp and snails.

Scaper's Green stands out in particular due to its high nutrient concentrations and fast nutrient availability.

The nutrient proportions have been chosen so that all micronutrients are taken up by the plants in roughly equal proportions. This means that even with long-term, regular application there is no harmful accumulation of individual nutrients. A deficiency of micronutrients can be avoided with appropriate dosage and application of Scaper's Green.

Like all Dennerle liquid fertilisers, Scaper's Green is very stable, which means it has lasting, stable effects. In other fertilisers, the active substances break down after a short period of time, which can be recognised as a dark brown discolouration, and lose their effects.