DELI NATURE Premium Parrots (With Fruits / 3KG)

Besides a rich variety of first quality sun-ripened seeds and grains, each feed in the 5-star menu also contains high quality proteins, vegetal material, herbs, legumes, and fruits from the natural living environment of the particular bird. These building blocks from nature, processed into extrudates, which easily digest and have a natural visual appearance. To grind the grains and seeds, stomach grit has been added to the recipes. All essential nutrients are present in the correct proportions.

Parrot mix is a complete and balanced food enriched with fruit that meets the nutritional demands of your parrot.

Belgian quality Petfood!

Seeds and cereals

3 kg

Feeding Guidelines:
Provide fresh portion of Deli Nature mixture and drinking water daily.
Provide a Deli nature snack or Deli nature egg food as tidbits 2 to 3 times a week.
Complete food for birds