COLOMBO NO2 Test (Freshwater)


Colombo Aquarium Nitrite Test Kit

Colombo Aquarium Nitrite Test Kit, Nitrite (NO2) is produced from the breakdown of ammonia in the filter. Nitrite is highly toxic to fish, but is usually removed from the water by the bacteria which live inside the filter.

However, in new ponds and aquariums, or if the filter bacteria are damaged, the nitrite level may become toxic. The only way to know what the nitrite level is by testing the water with a Nitrite pond test kit.

A regular testing, especially in new aquaria and ponds, will prevent damage caused by nitrite poisoning. 

An optimal level of nitrite in any tank or pond is simply 0mg/l, when the nitrite level is 0.5 mg/l or higher it means there are not enough bacteria present. 

Colombo Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit contains 40 tests. Full testing instructions included in the box.