Magnet Cleaner

Chihiros focused on product details and quality, Chihiros Magnet Cleaner is the birthplace of Chihiros product line have an arts and crafts ,Chihiros Magnet Cleaner using the industry's highest-performing magnet N52 high performance magnets and all hand-made, feel more comfortable, different thickness of glass the suction was subdivided, and solves customer suction due to the thickness of the glass is too large or the problem of small suction.


千寻专注于产品的细节和品质,千寻磁力刷的诞生是千寻产品线上的又一个工艺品 , 千寻磁力刷采用了磁 铁行业性能最高的 N52 高性能磁铁配合原木材料全手工打造,手感更舒服。千寻磁力刷区别于市场上的 鱼缸刷,不同厚度的玻璃对吸力做了细分,解决了客户因为玻璃的厚度不同造成的吸力过大或者吸力过小 的问题。