BUNNY NATURE Hay from Nature Conserv Meadows w/Meadow Flowers (250g)


Unique plants and variety of herbs

Finest flower and herb parts

Variety of tastes and long, crisp stems

From untreated meadows

Gently dried in warm air (CO2 neutral)

Bunny Nature Hay is the most original and natural hay you can imagine. Of course it is coming from nature protection areas: Untreated with fertilizers or pesticides, they are the home to a diversity of plants and herbs that no ordinary meadow can reach.

But even nature-protected meadows have to be mown (at a late cutting time), as this is the only way to maintain the diversity of plants, making them attractive for animals.

This is all part of the bunny sustainability cycle. We mow the nature-protected meadows so that the animals can continue to find valuable food and, in doing so, we gain hay with a unique quality, composition and structure.

Hay from nature conservation meadows, camomile blossoms, marigold blossoms, daisies (blossoms 3%)