BUNNY NATURE Guinea Pig Dream SENIOR (750g)


Complete food for Guinea Pigs from the age of 5 months.



42 different plants from natural meadows

- High portion of stabilised vitamin C

stabilised vitamin C - to cover needs fully and continuously

- Balanced long-life recipe

all ingredients are important and correctly dosed

- 3 fibre mix

3 different fibre lengths for tooth abrasion and healthy intestinal flora

- With plants from the home of guinea pigs

Fill the feeding bowl with GuineaPigDream BASIC and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Give high quality bunny hay and fresh, tepid water daily. At the age of 5 years change to GuineaPigDream SENIOR.


Nutrition advice

The ration of rodents has to contain all necessary vitamins and minerals that will providefull development and good health to animals.


Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the basic nutrients necessary for rodents for maintenance of health and the correct work of all organs.