BorneoWild Vibrant (100ml)


Comprehensive fertilisers for growing plants

Vibrant is a comprehensive fertiliser that gives you splendid growth results in your planted tank, paludarium and terrarium. Use with Power Beans for enhanced growth effects and NAlgae to inhibit potential algae growth.

Directions (Planted Tank / Paludarium):

Depending on types of plants and amount of plant mass, adjust dosage according to the rate of growth that you can observe. You may choose to dose it daily or every other day depending on the growth.

For high light planted tank with mainly colorful stem plants Add 1ml / 20L Daily.

For med-low light planted tank with mainly rosette plants Add 1ml / 40L Daily.

Directions (Terrarium):

Dilute Vibrant and spray directly on plants twice / weekly 1ml / 10L. Shake well before use. Avoid using in aquarium without filtration. For aquarium use only. Keep away from children. If contact with eyes, rinse with clean water immediately.