Enlive is a multi-purpose culture of more than 100 types of bacterial in dormant state. It helps to seed a new tank substrate system quickly as well as in new filters when dosed into water directly. It replenishes bacterial losses after a regular water change, purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite.

For setting up as substrate additive, spread 6 spoon for a 60x45cm tank. For replenishing bacterial lose after water change, mix 1 spoon of ENLIVE in a mug of tank water for every 200L water.


Minerum contains a rich dose of essential trace elements that helps the shrimp to moult safely and at the same time, strengthen the shell. The mineralized water improves bacterium activities and also benefits all other aquatic lives such as plants and fishes.

Minerum is acidic base, over dosing may decrease the pH slightly. pH and TDS does not change drastically if you add it in smaller doses on a daily basis.

To prevent any change in pH or TDS, you can safely dose 1-2 drop per 30L per daily. For weekly dosage after water change, use 1 drop per 10L of water. Shake before use.


Humic is an organic, granulated humus conditioner that buffers water at pH 6 - 6.5 and gH 3-4. It is ideal for improving activity, survival ratio and higher success rate of breeding bee shrimps. It is also a source of nutrients for microbes, thus maintaining high and healthy levels of soil life. With its hormonal characteristics, plant growth and root development are also enhanced.

Use Humic when you are setting up a new tank, observed juvenile shrimp dying or when the population growth is stagnant.

When setting up a new shrimp tank, sprinkle them below or above the substrate layer, or put them in a mesh bag in the filter. When setting up a new planted tank, sprinkle Humic below the base of the substrate layer with the fertilizers or put them in a mesh bag in the filter. To apply Humic above the substrate layer, please soak them in water for up to 15minutes as they may float due to its dryness.


Shield is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability. It lowers death rate and even control white spot when used with fishes. It absorbs toxins such as HNO2, NH3/4, NO3, H2S and assimilate orgnaic waste into micro-organism food, thus creating a balanced environment in high bio-load tank.

Dose 1 spoon / 200Liters of water after weekly water change to maintain quality. Use twice / weekly when you have poor water quality, high bio-load or unknown death of shrimps.


The Bee Ball XL absorbs harmful substances to its porous structure on a long term basis and works safely from 1 to 2 years. It removes ammonia, nitric acid and substances while releasing mildly over 30 different types of minerals and trace elements.

It improves molting, breeding, aid in stablizing pH and thus, reduces stress and dropping of eggs by female shrimps.

You may use up to 10 pc in a 60L tank by placing them on the soil or in the filter.

MAIFAN BALL XL (10pc) - 

The Maifan Stone mineral nodules can be used safely in combination with an active aquarium soil in a typical shrimp or planted aquarium.

Maifan Stone ball helps to increase oxygen concentration in water, remove pollutants, heavy metals etc, as well we releases minerals and trace elements, effectively improving the water quality and enhancing the health of the livestocks.

By placing it near aquatic plants, it also make its nutrients available through leave absorption, thus a livelier environment.

Maifan Stone Ball do not affect the pH value of the aquarium water, thus does not restrict the amount of balls used per liter of water.