The VEGAN Pack comprises of 3 types of shrimp feed product made of mix of plants and protein meals.

GROW -  

Grow is a complete shrimp diet rich in Phospholipids, various vitamins and chlorella tht increases stress tolerance, promotes growth and stimulates moulting. It also contains SG (Shrimp Guard) which improves immunity against diseases. It does not cloud water.


Beanee is a supplementary fibrous feed, high in calcium that provides high energy, aid in growth, immunity and shell development of shrimps. Leftover are not detrimental to water quality and will be eaten gradually.


Frenzy is a tasty treat made from natural and organic raw material that is simlpy irresistible to shrimps. Use it as a supplementary bits two to three times a week or feed together with staple recipe that you wish the shrimps to acquire a taste for.