BORNEOWILD NAlgae (100ml)


BORNEOWILD NAlgae is an algae inhibitor that can be used for removing common algae infestation such as black beard algae, green hair algae and blue-green algae, as well as dosed regularly as a preventive measure. Shake well before use.

Directions (Algae infested Tank):

Clear as much algae as possible during water change before dosing NAlgae. During application period, increase aeration, reduce lighting intensity/hours and stop dosing fertiliser. Green Algae algae takes approximately 7days to get under control. BGA ~7-10days. BBA up to 30 days. Add 15ml / 100L Daily.

Directions (Prevention):

After clearing the infestation, NAlgae can be dosed daily as a preventive measure. It can also be added on a auto-doser.  Add 5ml / 100L Daily.