BorneoWild Fill Pipe P2 (13mm)

Brand: BorneoWild

[BORNEOWILD]' Fill & Flow System consists of an Fill pipe transporting water from the aquarium to an external filter, and an Flow pipe bringing clean water from the filter back to the aquarium. Both pieces are made with the highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and artistically hand-blown.

Fill Pipe
The [BorneoWild] Fill pipe carries water from the aquarium down to the canister filter. [BorneoWild]' unique design places intake slits across wider distances on the stem. As a result, it pulls in water from multiple depths spanning a wider range of the water column. This improves water circulation and allows particles suspended higher in the water column to readily enter the tube to the filter. 

Flow Pipe
The [BorneoWild] Flow pipe carries an unique upward-angled funnel design to create a vortex effect on the water surface, thus eliminating surface film. It also increases water movement to lower parts of the aquarium. This reduces stagnation points and improves gas and nutrient exchange for low and midground plants. To aerate the water, simply life the funnel slightly higher.

Usage Instructions:
1. Position the Fill and Flow pipe to the desire position.
2 Prepare the hose with a suitable length from the pipe to the filter. Remember to leave some slack for adjustment purposes.
3 Connect the hose to the filter first to prevent accidental pulling on the glass pipe.
4 Before fitting the hose to the pipe, dip the hose in hot water and wet the connection tip of the glass pipe for an easy installation.
5. Prss the suction cup of the pipe against the tank wall for a firm holding.
6. You are now ready to turn on the filter.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
1. Prepare a 1:1 mixture of bleach to water.
2. Soak the glass pipe in the mixture for 24hours or longer depending on amount of algae grown.
3. Rinse several times with clean running water before connecting back to the aquarium.