BorneoWild Cutters Pack (PRO / 4 PIECE SET)


Scissors and cutters are essential in a planted tank maintenance in keeping the plants in shape. This pack of scissors enables you to trim and prune all kind of plants from Carpet, thick clumps of stems, big and tough rhizomes as well as delicate ones like moss.

SHORT CUTTER 18 STRAIGHT (thick clumps of stems) -

A short yet handy scissors with extra long cutting edges, the short cutters are most suitable for a fast pruning on massive chunks of stem plants in any size tank.

WAVE CUTTER (Carpet) -

The unique shape of the Wave Cutter allows you to trim foreground plants such as glossostigma or eleocharis species effortlessly.

SPRING CUTTER 18 STRAIGHT (Moss / delicate leaves) - 

The handiness of the Spring Cutter allows you to prune moss and other delicate plants in a small aquarium easily.

RHINO CUTTER (Big, strong plants) - 

The Rhino Cutters allows prunning of big and strong plants effortlessly with its big blades