Brand: Biospon

BIOSPON os an advance, patented multi-filtration equipment for shrimp or fish tank. It comes with a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which guarantees you crystal clear water. It also has a magnetic system that makes maintenance a breeze!

Sponge is made of elastic biochemical material that have a micro pore structure for bacterial inhibition. This sponge also helps to reduce noise, and make water clean.

Filter media (I-Ball W) is made of eco-friendly, highly functional ceramic materials. I-Ball W is semi-permanent, anti-biotic, removes ammonia, toxic component, protein and also stench in water.

The media container is attached via a neodymium magnetic system with epoxy waterproof coating. Deattaching and attaching for maintenance will be extra easy!

1) Translucent Water discharge pipe - easy to check water flow through rotatable pipe
2) Easy to attach and detach with magentic system - less hassle during cleaning
3) Adjustable length of pipe - use in different tank height
4) Combination of sponge filter and bio filter - Mechnical, Chemical and Biological all in one!
5) Translucent filter container - Easy to check condition of media
6) Sponge reduces operating noise
7) Anti-biotic
8) Removes ammonia, toxic components, proteins
9) Removes stench (Certified by Korea Analytical Technique Research Institute Co., LTd)

1) Size: 145 x 60 x 230mm
2) Capacityi of filtration: BS-58L: 58liters, BS-26L: 26Liters
3) Volume of media: 97ml x 2pcs
4) Component: Body kit, sponge x 2, filter container x 2, filter media 200g
5) Material: PC, ABS, Sponge
6) Made in Korea