BIOMAX Potting Mix (5L)


BIOMAX multi-purpose organic potting soil is made from natural ingredients including high-quality coco peat, green compost and BIOMAX 100% pure organic fertiliser.

This specially -formulated organic potting soil provides an optimum growing condition for plants with good nutrient and moisture retention. Rich in organic matter, Biomax organic potting soil increases soil porosity, enhances root development and promotes healthy and strong plant growth.

Certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA).​ 5 litres packet weighs about 2.7kg to 3.0kg. Available also in larger packet size of 8L and 30L.


This pre-mixed organic. potting soil is ready to be applied straight away.


1. Choose a pot or container with drainage hole/s.

2. Fill the pot with Biomax organic potting mix and leave 1/2 inch gap from the rim.

3. Water thoroughly until water flows out of the drainage hole/s.

4. Put your plant at a location with sufficient sunlight, subjective to the types of plants you're growing.