BIOMAX Natural Liquid Fertiliser (500ml)


Biomax Natural Liquid Fertiliser / Fertilizer Spray (500ml)

Biomax Natural Liquid Fertiliser contains seaweed extract and potassium humate. Provides beneficial result for all soil and even light sandy soils. It unlocks locked-up trace elements and phosphorus (P) in soil. The natural growth regulators in the product enhances root development and increases tolerance of environment stress such as insect attack, salinity, drought and frost.Suitable for vegetable, bonsai, lawn and general gardening use.

Top-up the nitrogen (N) with BIomax Organic Fertilizer for a better result.

How to use:

Ready to use for fertigation, spraying and direct soil applications.

Apply as a soil drench .

Repeat the application according to the recommended frequency.

Application frequency:

Vegetable: Every 2 weeks

Herb: Every 2 weeks

Annual Plant: Every 2 weeks

Established Garden : Every 2-4 weeks

New Lawns: Every 7-10 days

Lawns: Every 2-4 weeks

Large/ Stressed Trees: Apply to soil around canopy edge monthly


Potassium: 3.5%

Seaweed: 23%

Non-seaweed solid: 11.8%