BIOMAX Liquid Orchid Fertiliser (500ml)


Biomax Liquid Orchid Fertiliser is specially formulated to give balanced nutrition for flowering plants. It contains a range of nutrients instantly available for plants such as, Australian seaweed extract, macronutrients (NPK), potassium humate and of trace elements.

The formula increases the frequency of flowering and the colour of blooms. For a better result plant, use with Biomax Organic Potting Soil and Biomax Organic Fertiliser.

How to use?

Ready to use. Spray to soil surface around the plant.

Can be applied to foliage but may stain lightly.

Avoid spraying on paths or buildings as spray may stain concrete or woodwork.

Repeat the application after two weeks.

Fertiliser Analysis Nitrogen (N): 3.2% Phosphorus (P): 1.8% Potassium (K): 6.6% Boron: 60 ppm Copper: 150 ppm Iron: 205 ppm Magnesium: 580 ppm Manganese: 105 ppm Zinc: 45 ppm