BIOHOME Ultimate MARINE (300g / 1KG / 5KG)


BIOHOME® ULTRA, ULTIMATE MARINE are made with higher porosity (10% more) to support more oxygen exchange within the pellet, supporting better biological functions. These are generally larger pellets than BIOHOME® Standard & Plus.

PLUS & ULTIMATE MARINE include trace Difference between Biohome Plus/Ultimate & Marine in terms of :- - trace elements The addition of Iron and manganese - speed of bacteria growth Saltwater systems are generally regarded to take longer to mature, we can only go on the feedback given which is the

Biohome marine matures faster than the live rock previously used. - how long can the trace elements last Indefinitely, they are not in a soluble form but something in nature recognises there presence. - surface area Same has the ultimate - flow rate in the filtration chamber Marine - 5mm/sec - price Same price has the ultimate, it's about giving the customer a choice of a specific designed for marine media but not at a additional cost, it costs us no more to produce than the ultimate. - amount required per metric ton of water Marine systems do seem to use more media than freshwater, 1 kg per 50 Ltrs is what we recommends to achieve Nitrate reduction in freshwater systems. - any precautions when using it No, just rinse. - what great benefits other than superb surface area and bacterial colonisation? Will the health & colour of the corals improve? The intention behind adding the iron and manganese to the media was to mimic the benefits of the iron and manganese supplement by incorporating it into the media. Everyone who has given feedback has reported healthier looking corals producing more polyps after only a few weeks.

The conclusion is there is something in Biohome marine producing the effect because we have never had report of this from our other media. So far, feedback from marine shops have been very positive. Live rock here is expensive but apparently live rock can contain lots of nastiest and our media contains none of them so that makes it a attractive alternative to a marine tank keeper. - Can Biohome Marine be used in freshwater? Yes but we can think of no obvious benefit in doing so. elements to induce faster bacterial colonisation.