ATM Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Marine 8oz


The One That Works

Utilizing authentic true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.

As trusted by public aquariums around the world, including Sea Life centers, Colony’s claim to fame is through results proven in every corner of the globe and in a variety of systems.

“True” Nitrifying Bacteria: The Real Thing

Only aerobic autotrophs perform bio-filtration as we want it in an aquarium, so not just any bacteria will do.  Colony has the right stuff for the right job.

Historically, establishing bio-filtration has been a multi-week process.  As true nitrifying bacteria are slow reproducers, this wait is necessary for colonies to grow large enough to effectively perform bio-filtration with a full bio-load.  Colony effectively fast-forwards the process by pre-culturing these bacteria and delivering a fully intact bio-filter into any new aquarium.

Bio-filtration for natural ammonia and nitrite removal, has been a long running issue in the aquatics hobby and industry. Actually, establishing bio-filtration with cultured true nitrifying bacteria is a simpler dynamic than many realize.

Before fish can be introduced into the aquarium, bio-filtration must be established to filter out the toxic ammonia and nitrite created by fish waste. ATM's Colony establishes this bio-filtration in days instead of weeks with real, commercial grade nitrifying bacteria. Used by ATM, the #1 aquarium builders in the world, Colony comes in two different formulas we use to introduce fish immediately on our own custom installations. Colony for Freshwater contains real Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria, which are specific for the freshwater environment. Colony for Marine contains two different real strains specific for marine systems: Nitrococcus and Nitrosococcus. These formulas have proven time and again to be the champions of instant cycling on site at ATM installations.

Realize that many products will claim to contain true nitrifying bacteria, but they commonly contain heterotroph bacteria, which are not true nitrifying bacteria. With nitrifying bacteria it is important to choose wisely. Unlike other nitrifying bacteria products, ATM's biological formulas are regularly used in professional industries such as public aquariums, aquaculture operations, waste water, aquaponics, seafood distribution, and much more. As experience comes at a premium in aquatics, our team has been formulating and delivering nitrifying bacteria longer and better than any other in the world.

* Imported true nitrifying bacteria has been a reality in commercial industry as a regular practice for a long time, and now its time for you, the hobbyist, to use the same tools on your home aquarium!
* Real Nitrifying Bacteria Establishes Instant Biofiltration
* Neutralizes Ammonia and Nitrite Spikes Naturally
* Two Different Formulas For Freshwater And Marine Systems

* COLONY MARINE 16oz treats 100 gal