ATM Alka-Haul Alkanity Boost Reef 8oz


Fully Loaded Buffering Machine
Alka-Haul Reef is able to go where others can't, keeping target alkalinity values much longer, while boosting biological integrity throughout the system. This is made possible by its complete mult-source formula that prevents fast depletion and provides the fundamental building blocks of your system's biological activity.

Bio-available Supplementation
Alkalinity benefits living organisms in a variety of ways. From improved coral reproduction and fish stress reduction to bio-filtration, alkalinity is essential to the ecosystem as a whole. The natural reef is the most changeless observable ecosystem on Earth, and the long term stability provided by Alka-Haul will help keep your reef's KH value rock steady.

Multi-Source Alkalinity Buffering
Longest Lasting KH Stability
Increases Beneficial Bacteria Efficiency
Enhances All Biological Activity