ARCADIA (BIRD) Pro T5 Tube (T5 / 54W)


ARCADIA (BIRD) Pro T5 Tube (T5 / 54W) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

The 54w Bird lamp uses the very latest High Output T5 technology to project a high quantity of light down into a large cage or flight.

HO-T5 lamps produce nearly two times more light over the whole spectrum than standard output T8 lamps. They are bright, energy rich, slimline and ‘Flicker Free’.

The Arcadia Bird 54w T5 Bird lamp has been made in Germany to produce a clean, crisp full-spectrum colour of light with an unbeaten CRI. UV-A is included at 30% of total light output and UV-B at 2.4%.

This lamp is included as standard in both our ProT5 and 54W UV Kit. It can also be used with our high quality 54W HO-T5 IP67 controller and Reflector.

The 54W Arcadia Bird HO-T5 Bird lamp uses the very finest components and phosphor technology, as such this lamp has a full 12 month UV-B life.

Provide the very best for your birds with Arcadia Bird lamps.


Code Watt Length
CFB08 8W 300mm / 12″
CFB54T5 54W 1150mm / 46″