AQUALIGHTER aLift (Sponge Filter / w Spare Sponge / no Air Pump)


Height: ~16cm

The Collar Alift spongefilter is an effective biomechanical aquarium filter for aquariums up to 50 liters.

The Alift spongefilter filters the water using air which is supplied from an air pump (not included). The low water flow through the airlift filter makes it ideal for maintaining and cultivation of shrimps and fish. The eggs of species are not sucked into the sponge and will not be damaged by the filter. The spongefilter will also accumulate some aquarium ''waste'' wich shrimps like to eat.

In addition, the filter sponge can contain many good bacteria that convert the waste from the aquarium into usable, harmless substances such as nitrate. This way you are always certain of the best water quality and your shrimps and other residents will never be at risk.