Anubias hastifolia (1 POT)

Brand: GCS

Anubias hastifolia is a large Anubias species from the rainforests of West Africa where it occurs on shady streambanks. As its name suggests, this species has decorative hastiform (spear-shaped) leaves. In the terrestrial form, the leaf stalks may get 63 cm tall, however the plant stays considerably smaller when growing under water.

In aquarium culture, this Anubias grows very slowly. The rhizome should not be buried into the ground, otherwise the plant will rot. Once rooted, the plant may be sensitive to replanting. Anubias hastifolia is easier to cultivate as emersed plant. High air humidity and rather low light intensity are recommendable.

Anubias hastifolia can be used in the midground of low-light aquariums. This species is especially suitable for spacious paludariums and humid terrariums where it may reach its maximum size.