Anubias gracilis (1 POT)

Brand: GCS

Anubias gracilis is a bigger Anubias species that occurs as a seasonally flooded plant along rainforest rivers of West Africa. With its triangular leaf blades and long, slender petioles it is an especially elegant Anubias species.

The leaf blades reach a length of about 5-10 cm when the plant is grown under water. It is suited as an epiphyte for the hardscape. However, it can also be planted in the bottom layer as long as the stout, thick rhizome is not buried into the ground, otherwise the plant will rot.

This Anubias is a robust, undemanding, sturdy plant, recommendable for beginner aquariums as well as cichlid tanks. Anubias gracilis can grow out of the water in shallow tanks and paludariums, but note that the plant gets significantly bigger in its emersed form.