Anubias barteri var. angustifolia (1 POT)

Brand: GCS

Anubias barteri var. angustifolia from West Africa is the variety of Anubias barteri with the narrowest leaves which reach a length of 10-20 cm. Anubias barteri var. angustifolia used to be sold as Anubias afzelii, but the latter is actually a much larger species. It grows under the same conditions as Anubias barteri var. nana. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish and is recommendable for Cichlid tanks.


Spearleaf Anubias is often sold under the erroneous name "Anubias afzelii". True A. afzelii (see the corresponding data sheet), a plant that grows far larger, has long been sold erroneously as "Anubias congensis".

Anubias barteri var. angustifolia is distributed in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Cameroun). It is the Anubias barteri variety with the narrowest leaves. It can be discerned by its lineal to very narrowly oval form of its 10 to 30 cm long leaf blades, the straight (not undulate) margin and the often reddish brown leaf stalks. This variety is similar to Anubias barteri var. glabra, which has rather oval to lanceolate leaves, though.
A. barteri var. angustifolia is as easy in cultivation as A. barteri var. nana and can be used as epiphyte on rocks or driftwood or planted in the substrate. However, A. barteri var. angustifolia seems to be less well-known.