ALL CLEAN Hollow Bio-Ceramic Ball (5L)

Hollow bio-ceramic ball is our patent product. There are abundant nano and micro nano pores inside the filter material. It greatly improved the surface area of filter material, make it be able to adsorb the heavy metal ions and other harmful substance .

Hollow bio-ceramic ball Characteristic
Hollow design.Accelerate the diffusion rate of nitrifying bacteria .Greatly enhanced the  filtration efficiency.
Accerelate the process of denitrification .  The hollow cavity of filter material form hypoxic or anaerobious environment, accelerate the growth and reproduction of anaerobinitrifying bacteria.
Effectively eliminate toxicant substance . Eliminate Ammonia, Ammonium Nitrite,Noxious heavy metal etc.
The GH and PH are neutral .Its low impact on acidic and alkaline to water .
Minerals dissolution . Variety of trace elements dissolve slowly . Promote metabolism of the fish and shrimps.
Promote growth of nitrifying bacteria.  Larger porosity greatly improve the filtration area .And it provide huge surface area to nitrifying bacteria for adhesion and parasitism.
The micrograph shows abundant nano and micro nano pores inside the Hollow Bio Filter Media.
The picture shows the nitrifying bacteria implantation on the pore surface of Hollow Bio Filter Media

-Guaranteed free from harmful substances
-Very high canister fill quantity due to its shape 
-Faster biological decomposition of toxins 
-Stable water chemistry ,Steadier water flow
-Much longer intervals between cleaning 
-Faster reduction of high ammonia and nitrite levels
-Non abrasive ,washable and reusable 
-Suitable for all internal or external marine and fresh water aquarium filter
♦ Pls clean the products with water several times before use,Load into the filter and it should be behind of the filter cotton.
♦ Pls dont wash directly with tap water. Suggest to replace part of filter materials after six months to one year.Dont replace all the filter materials ,to avoid damage to the ecological system and water quality fluctuation.
♦ Suggest to pour nitrifying bacteria into the filter material ,and then open the filter .If condition permit, dont use string bag in order to achieve better filtration effect.
Usage effect