ALL CLEAN Functional Filter Material (3L)

Functional filter material Characteristic

 Release the trace elements 
Adopt our exclusive advanced technology,Eliminate impurity of  natural living stones. Accelerate the effective release of 58 kinds of trace elements including  
B,Ge,Zn,Zr,Se,Sr and variety of rare earth elements including La,Ce,Y,Yb etc.

♦ Adjust bidirectional acid-base equilibrium
It has function of bidirectional adjustment from  acidic or alkaline water to be neutral,The water quality is superior stability.

♦ Active purification
It adopt particular activation modification technology to dredge occlusive pore of natural living stones . The water permeability ,hydrophily,air permeability and diffusivity has greatly improved.
♦ Please clean the products with water several times before use and loaded into the filter.
♦ Please put the product into the last grid of filter or the front grid of pump.