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ALL CLEAN Bio-Ceramic Ball (10L)


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Biological ceramic ball adopt the latest sintering technology which has continuous open pore structure and internel pores is between 10-100 microns.


Biological ceramic ball Characteristic
♦ Superior water permeability ,accelerate the transport of nourishment in water.
♦ Rapidly remove the harmful substances in the aquarium such as nitrate ,nitrite,ammonia etc. 
♦ The organic micelle and part of pigment which make the water in aquarium clear rapidly .
♦ The special molecular genes at the surface of the filter material can actively attract the nitrifying bacteria to adhere.
♦ The PH of filter material is neutral and the effect to water GH is very low .
-Guaranteed free from harmful substances 
-Very high canister fill quantity due to its shape 
-Faster biological decomposition of toxins 
-Stable water chemistry ,Steadier water flow
-Much longer intervals between cleaning 
-Faster reduction of high ammonia and nitrite levels
-Non abrasive ,washable and reusable 
-Suitable for all internal or external marine and fresh water aquarium filter
♦ Pls clean the products with water several times before use,Load into the filter and it should be behind of the filter cotton.
♦ Pls dont wash directly with tap water. Suggest to replace part of filter materials after six months to one year.Dont replace all the filter materials ,to avoid damage to the ecological system and water quality fluctuation.
Suggest to pour nitrifying bacteria into the filter material ,and then open the filter .If condition permit, dont use string bag in order to achieve better filtration effect.