ADFERT Orchid Fort Fertilizer (NPK 21-21-21+TE / 250g)

Brand: HUA HNG

An easy application crystalline powder fertilizer that is water soluble. It can be used in all fertigation systems such as drips, sprinklers, central pivot and surface irrigation systems for all types of crops.

NPK 21-21-21+TE ADFERT Orchid Fort Fertilizer helps to promote healthy growth and foliage. It is virtually free of Chlorine, Sodium and other detrimental elements for plants. It is fast dissolving, fully water soluble and free of insoluble and phytotoxic compounds.

Mix 2.5g of Orchid Fort into 1L of water. Spray evenly over plants once weekly.

Nitrogen (N) - 21%
Phosphorous (P) - 21%
Potassium (K) - 21%
Trace Elements