DOOA Terra Base (M / Ø10xH23cm)

Brand: DOOA

Product only available late May to early June

TERRA BASE is a product for keeping small orchids, ferns, moss growing in a state close to the condition of natural habitat, like trunk of trees in the rainforests. Because of pottery-mode cylindrical body, water oozes little by little on the surface and the surface temperature drops due to heat of vaporization if you fill the water inside. With this property, the optimal conditions are easily set up to grow epiphytic plants that prefer cool and humid environment.
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Please immerse it in water with a bucket and let it absorb water first and then spread aquatic moss, such as Taxiphyllum Barbieri, thinly over the TERRA BASE and fix your favorite epiphyte. After that, set it in an aquarium tank such as NEO GLASS AIR and fill the TERRA BASE with water. Now, all preparations for growing the plants are completed. TERRA BASE M is perfectly match with NEO GLASS AIR W20 x D20 x H35 (cm). With a combination of the NEO GLASS AIR W20 x D20 x H35 (cm), it makes possible to grow epiphyte requiring high air humidity.

Step-by-step instructions: How to plant Terra Base with water mosses and epiphytes.

Step 1:Bind the water moss to a terra base. Cover the entire surface of the Terra Base evenly with a thin layer of moss and wrap the cotton thread Moss Cotton in tight turns over it.

Step 2: Fixing epophytes. Small orchids and ferns are tied with the Riccia Line. They need a longer time to grow. Arrange the plants so that the setup is balanced.

Choose a suitable Neo Glass Air that matches the plants and arrangement. Place the Terra Base in a bright place without direct sunlight if you don't want to use a lighting unit.

Place the fully planted Terra Base in a Neo Glass Air. Using a small pot, pour water into the Terra Base and place the glass cover on top. Moisture can be regulated by sliding the cover.

If you have the option to spray the Terra Base regularly, or if you have chosen epiphytic plants that require less humidity, you can also place the Terra Base in a low Neo Glass Air. This will allow you to see the Terra Base better and the water will be easier to drain.