Why ATLEDTIs LED Lights?!


Light and Plants


The range of professional light spectrum for plant grow and for human observation range from around 400nm ~ 780nm. Chlorophyll A and B inside green leaf plant absorb red and blue light spectrum the most, reflecting green light spectrum.Thus green leaf plant should be provide with red and blue light spectrum; red leaf plant reflect red light without absorbing it. They absorbs green and blue light spectrum. Professional color mix grow light should fulfill 6500K color temperature, also it have to make sure there are enough Red, Green and Blue spectrum penetration for plant growth(especially traveling in water, as each light spectrum have different penetration).
Plant reflect light spectrum which matches their color pigment. That is why we can see colors. The higher saturation of the light source, the wider the color range we can observe. Professional color mix lighting should fulfill all the above criteria.

Feel the Power of Light

PRO-I RGB-W lighting system is ATLEDTiS latest innovative product. Targeted for professional aquascaper. Newly designed RGB-W lighting system not only enhance plant growth, promote photosynthesis rate. It also enhance the viewing experience of user.  




Cookie light modular is designed to be both intuitive and flexible. No special tool or technique is required.

Special thanks: Master Aquascaper Oliver Knott for this nice demo.



ATLEDTiS E6+ RGB-W Colour mixing technology help provide essential colour for the fish to reflect their stunning colour. As a result high contrast and vivid colour.

Special thanks: BUCEPLANT for this nice demo.