Basic Bonsai Workshop

At Green Chapter, we focus on unleashing creativity through our Terrarium Workshops. It is also a time of having fun and bonding as family, friends or colleagues.

Learn about the concept of ‘miniature nature’ through the fundamentals of bonsai. This workshop introduces the various types of mini bonsai, and the caring, pruning, wiring and potting techniques of Premna Bonsai that are essential to create your own miniature plant.


Walk In:


Due to availability of trainer and preparation of material, please kindly note that walk-in workshop session is not available. We do however, hold scheduled workshop at discounted rates during vacation period. Please check our Facebook event page for any sessions.


Team Building / Party Packages:

We provide packages for group activities.

Minimum Head Count:

Minimum of 6 pax (Up to 20pax) for session at our premise. 

Minimum of 20 pax for session at your site.


Each workshop may last 1:30 hours.


During each workshop, we will cover the basics of bonsai species, types, caring and maintenance aspect of it before the practical session. The practical session will have you trim, tie a small bonsai and pot it into a mini pot!


Usually at our Macpherson air conditioned premise, we can also conduct the workshop at your preferred location, with a small fee ($80.00).


You can pay by cash, nets or credit cards (+3%). Price quoted is before GST.


If you have a big group and wish to provide meals and drinks to participants, you may arrange your own caterer.


Package 65


  1. 1 small Premna bonsai plant and some moss
  2. Akadama soil material
  3. Sphagnum moss
  4. Tools, ties and mesh
  5. Cost Per Pax : $65.00


Contact us to arrange for a Basic Bonsai Terrarium Workshop now!