Kanuma Soil 鹿沼土 (High Grade Garden / 1L)

Brand: Terra Pots

Kanuma Soil 鹿沼土 (High Grade Garden)

  • Kanuma is a granular Japanese Potting Medium for Ericaceous (Acid Loving) Bonsai.
  • This particular material comes from the Kanuma Area of Japan which is basically the center of Azalea Bonsai Growing.
  • Again, you must understand as with Akadama, that this is the stuff that the Japanese have out in their back yards … it’s their “dirt.”
  • Kanuma facilitates fine hair root growth.
  • It retains moisture and can absorb more water than its weight and yet allows for air space.
  • It’s PH varies from 4.5 to 5.
  • Both Akadama and Kanuma simplify the repotting chores since roots are fibrous rather than hard.
  • This material is dug out from 10 feet down, allowed to dry, crushed, and then sorted as to grain sizes.
  • It is more acidic than Akadama, and therefore, used mainly for Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, and other acid-loving Bonsai.
  • Imported from Japan