S&C Pre-Order (26th May 2020)

This list are succulents plants that will arrive on 26th May! Please apply Discount Code SCPO2620 for 20% discount on Check out.

Discount Code is extended up 5th June

Please kindly note that plants sold are BARE ROOTED and does not come with Pot nor Media. 

Bare Root simply means that all the soil has been washed away from the plants, with most roots removed. After being bare rooted, some species of plants may turn a little soft on touch. Some may be dehydrated and thus when you plant it, some bottom leaves may dry up during the rooting period. 

It may take the plant 2-3 weeks or longer to grow roots. Meanwhile, you may spray HB101 on the leaves (with fan) and only do light watering when you observe new roots. Avoid intense condition during this period such as under the hot sun.

Disclaimer: Photos shown in the product catalogs are random pick of actual plants. We try to provide specimens that are as close to what are shown as possible but please understand every plant may look a bit different before, and after bare rooted. There will be slight differences in shape and color (due to ambient light, phone models etc) and condition of leaves may be different too. In terms of plant size, please observe fingers, pot, and substrate as estimation.