This jumbo pack consist all the following 5 Shrimp King products:

  1. COMPLETE - 
  2. COLOR - 
  3. MINERAL -
  4. PROTINE - 
  5. BABY - 
  • Shrimp King premium shrimp food is based on the species-specific feeding habits of shrimps in the wild (Caridina and Neocaridina species).
  • Supplies all essential nutrients and substances for growth, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre
  • Exclusive use of nutritionally sensible, high-quality, food-grade ingredients.
  • 100% pure natural ingredients
  • Guaranteed to be free from artificial additives such as artificial colourings, antioxidants, preservatives or attractants.
  • No fish meal, fishery waste or cheap plant by-products as fillers.
  • Re-sealable pack for long lasting freshness

Numerous selected ingredients for a varied diet. Nutritionally sensible and high-quality food-grade ingredients. Four of the five food types are administered as food sticks. 100% pure natural ingredients. The individual types of food complement each other perfectly. All of the types of food are produced in Germany. - Premium shrimp food made in Germany.