MAZURI Softbill Diet for Iron-Sensitive Birds (5MI2 / 15lb)


Want to make your toucan hop with happiness? Give them this nutritionally complete food made with real fruit for a taste your bird will love. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the iron in the diet. Each batch is carefully analyzed to ensure appropriate iron levels.  
Best Fed To: Mazuri® Softbill Diet for Iron-Sensitive Birds is best for adult fruit-eating birds, like toucans, aracaris, turacos, starlings, birds of paradise and mynahs.

  • Ph.D.-formulated nutrition. Designed specifically for iron-sensitive birds.
  • Support overall health. Antioxidant-enriched formula.
  • Formulated to allow for supplementation. Feed with fruit or other food items, if desired.
  • Sweet smell and flavored with fruit. Made with plum and apple with natural pineapple flavoring to encourage palatability.
  • No added artificial flavors.
  • Extruded nugget. Highly palatable and digestible.
  • This diet is appropriate for many bird species and is useful when desiring to control dietary iron. Each batch of Mazuri® ZuLiFe® Soft-Bill Diet is analyzed for iron and the analyzed iron concentration is made available to all customers via the website at
  • This diet should be fed at a rate of at least 70% as fed of their daily intake, with the remainder being fruits, vegetables and enrichment items. For critically iron sensitive species (i.e. Toucans and Mynahs), avoid the addition of high iron food items (e.g. meat, dog food). Mazuri® ZuLiFe® Bird Gel Diet may be an additional option. For other omnivorous species of birds, food items with higher iron concentration may be appropriate. Consult your avian veterinarian to determine how iron sensitive your species or individual bird may be.
  • To switch birds from their current diet to Mazuri® ZuLiFe® Soft-Bill Diet, do a gradual change over.
    • Start with 10% Mazuri® ZuLiFe® Soft-Bill Diet and 90% of their customary diet. Each day increase the amount of Mazuri® ZuLiFe® Soft-Bill Diet by 10% and decrease the amount of the customary diet correspondingly. During the switchover period, as well as for the first week after the switchover, it is critical that birds be observed carefully (weight and behavior).
    • If the bird loses weight, or if the bird is not consuming the product, offer a 50:50 mix of product and the customary diet. After the bird has stabilized and started to consume the product, continue the conversion process.
  • This diet is designed for birds after their first molt and not for growing chicks. Female birds which are heavy layers (more than 20 eggs per season) should have calcium supplementation in the form of pure, pharmaceutical grade, calcium carbonate (may be mixed with fruit) at a rate of 2% of their daily intake during the laying season only.

CAUTION:  This product is designed to have a low concentration of dietary iron.  No readily available iron source is added as an ingredient to this diet.  This product is not intended to be a sole diet for growing birds or birds which are not iron sensitive.  Prolonged use of this product could result in an iron deficiency.

Storage Condition
For best results, store contents of open paper sack in container with sealing lids.  Store in a cool (75°F or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location.  Freezing will not harm the diet and may extend freshness.  Use within 1 year of bag manufacturing.